Jue. Abr 18th, 2024


NFL teams have renewed a series of persistent requests for rule changes for the 2024 season, including an alternative to the onside kick and another bid to expand the scope of instant replay.

The league released on Wednesday all rule, bylaw and resolution proposals that have been submitted by teams in advance of its annual meetings later this month in Orlando, Florida. Most proposals were minor, and the league’s most pressing rule issues — including a revamped kickoff and a possible prohibition on hip-drop tackles — would be addressed by submissions from the competition committee. Those proposals are expected to be released next week. Any rule change needs approval of 24 owners to be enacted.

The most notable club proposal came from the Philadelphia Eagles, who have championed an onside kick alternative that would permit a team to maintain possession after a score if it converts a fourth-and-20 offensive play from its own 20-yard line. Traditional onside kicks have grown far more difficult to recover over time as the NFL has tightened up rules for kickoff coverage and returns. In 2023, teams recovered only two of 41 onside kick attempts.

Meanwhile, the Indianapolis Colts proposed allowing coaches to challenge any foul that has been called on the field, in addition to the existing menu of plays they are eligible to challenge. The NFL has traditionally stayed away from challenging subjective decisions, and there has been only one season in its history when any foul — let alone all of them — was part of replay review. That came in 2019, when pass interference was added to the list for a one-year experiment that was not renewed by owners in 2020.

In other proposals:

• The Detroit Lions submitted a rule change that would allow coaches to get a third challenge if one of their first two challenges is successful, rather than if both are.

• The Buffalo Bills want the NFL to allow practice squad quarterbacks to be eligible to serve as the emergency third quarterback on game days. The current rule requires that the third quarterback be part of the 53-man roster.

• The Pittsburgh Steelers proposed moving the trade deadline back one week, to after Week 9 games. In a separate proposal, six other teams suggested moving it back until after Week 10 games.

• The Jacksonville Jaguars would like the NFL to make available the raw «Hawk-Eye» replay feed in the coaches booth, rather than only in the replay booth.

• The Eagles hope to see game clocks display tenths of a second in the final minute of each half.


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