Vie. Dic 8th, 2023

Player development, much like recruiting, never really ends. Coming off the summer circuit of events and NCAA live periods, there are more elite invite-only opportunities for the cream of the crop of talent in the respective high school classes than ever before. It is now time to shift gears to the high school season.

Most recently, the Wootten 150 Camp was held in conjunction with the Border League in Las Vegas. 90 of the best players in the country got together for two days of instruction, competition, and ultimately very valuable evaluation. This event was founded by the chairmen of the McDonald’s All-American Committee and hosts many of the committee members.

Several players have all but cemented themselves as All-Americans from their outstanding performances at this event in previous years. Emma Risch (Notre Dame), Flau’jae Johnson (LSU), Reigan Richardson (Duke), Tessa Johnson (South Carolina), and Addyson Brown (Iowa State) to name a few.

In September, Nike hosted the World Basketball Festival in New York City as 40 of the best seniors, juniors, and sophomores in the country put their talents on display. They were put on regional teams, coached by some of the best in the country, and played a four-team tournament in the middle of Lincoln Center on a huge stage with a who’s who on the sidelines including collegiate, WNBA, and NBA stars as well as celebrities from the entertainment industry.

Here we are in November and the seniors are making their commitments and recruiting classes are taking full form, more underclassmen are getting on campuses during the school year, and high school teams are preparing for challenging schedules for the upcoming season. There are more resources than ever and these players are taking advantage and continuing to work on their games. Who are some of the players who are continuing to impress amongst their peers?

We made some updates to the class rankings for 2024, 2025, and 2026. We also debut the 2027 Freshman Watch List.

Take a look at it through a few categorical focuses as we prepare for the high school basketball season to tip all across the country. We also make note of a few who have shown particular improvements this fall.

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These players have developed not just the reputation of being knock down shooters, but have demonstrated the consistency to be able to knock down shots in a variety of actions and situations. In today’s spaced-out game with increased interchangeability and versatility, shooters are a premium and come from various positions and builds. Here are some of the elite shooters in the country.

Class of 2024

Lexi Blue | Virginia Tech recruit
6-foot-2 | G | Lake Highland Prep (FL)

Avary Cain | UCLA recruit
6-1 | G | Saint Joseph H.S. (CA)

Leah Harmon | Miami
5-6 | PG | IMG Academy (FL)

Britt Prince | Nebraska recruit
5-11 | PG | Elkhorn North (NE)

Syla Swords | Michigan recruit
6-0 | G/W | Long Island Lutheran (NY)

Xamiya Walton | Northwestern recruit
5-5 | PG | Butler College Prep (IL)

Allie Ziebell | UConn recruit
5-10 | G | Neenah H.S. (WI)

Xamiya Walton | Northwestern recruit
5-5 | PG | Butler College Prep (IL)

Allie Ziebell | UConn
5-10 | G | Neenah H.S. (WI)

Class of 2025

Kaelyn Carroll | Uncommitted
6-2 | W/F | Tabor Academy (MA)

Over the course of the last year, Carroll battled a couple lower body injuries that did not allow her the time to really find her groove amongst the elite. During the summer circuit, she showed glimpses of what got her on the map early in recruiting circles. During the fall she continues to show improvement and is looking very comfortable and healthy out on the floor again. Carroll is a long wing or forward who can play multiple positions. She facilitates well, handles the ball, and is starting to be that knock down shooter that showed promise early in her high school career.

Makena Christian | Uncommitted
5’11» | G | Hartford H.S. (WI)

Jordan Speiser | Uncommitted
6-1 | W | Lutheran H.S. (MO)


A scorer finds a way to put the ball in the basket despite what the defense throws at them. They may be the complete three-level scorer, or they could be the relentless paint attacker getting inside touches and drawing fouls and gets to the free throw line. Generally, scorers are well rounded and have the skills to knock down shots and create their own offense off the dribble. Here are some of the best bucket-getters in the country.

Class of 2024

Taj Avant-Roberts | Louisville recruit
5-10 | G | IMG Academy (FL)

Imari Berry | Clemson recruit
5-10 | G | Clarksville H.S. (TN)

Mikayla Blakes | Uncommitted
6-0 | G | Rutgers Prep H.S. (NJ)

Kiyomi McMiller | Uncommitted
5-9 | PG | Life Center Academy (NJ)

Allie Ziebell | UConn recruit
5-10 | G | Neenah H.S. (WI)

Class of 2025

Nyla Brooks | Tennessee recruit
6-1 | G | Bishop Ireton H.S. (VA)

Brooks has shown steady increase in her game since she entered high school. The junior guard does a great job creating offense on the floor and is starting to show an aggressiveness and consistent competitive level we had not seen before from her. She has a reputation for always being in the gym and it shows as her skills grow. Tennessee landed a very good early commitment from Brooks as she continues to climb the rankings.

Aaliyah Chavez | Uncommitted
5-9 | PG | Monterey H.S. (TX)

Zakiyah Johnson | Uncommitted
6-0 | G | Sacred Heart Academy (KY)

Class of 2026

Jerzy Robinson | Uncommitted
6-0 | G | Sierra Canyon H.S. (CA)

Class of 2027

Kaleena Smith | Uncommitted
5-5 | PG | Ontario Christian (CA)


Playmakers can make plays for themselves, but more importantly, make plays for others. They are a threat to score with the ball in their hands, know how to put themselves in positions to attack, and also how to counter and set up the defense to put a teammate in a position to score. Here are some of the best orchestrators of action in the country.

Class of 2024

Mikayla Blakes | Uncommitted
6-0 | G | Rutgers Prep H.S. (NJ)

Jaloni Cambridge | Uncommitted
5-6 | PG | Montverde Academy (FL)

Zamareya Jones | NC State recruit
5-7 | PG | North Pitt H.S. (NC)

Madisen McDaniel | South Carolina recruit
5-9 | PG | Bishop McNamara H.S. (MD)

Alivia McGill | Florida recruit
5-9 | PG | Hopkins H.S. (MN)

Olivia Olson | Michigan recruit
6-1 | W | Benilde St. Margaret High (MN)

Class of 2025

Divine Bourrage | Uncommitted
5-10 | G | Davenport North H.S. (IA)

Jasmine Davidson | Uncommitted
6-1 | G | Clackamas H.S. (OR)

Mia Pauldo | Uncommitted
5’5″ | PG | Morris Catholic High (NJ)

Emilee Skinner | Uncommitted
6-0 | PG | Ridgeline H.S. (UT)


Rebounding is a want-to action. Rebounders have to be able to read the ball off the rim, physically be able to battle to snatch the ball, and it has to be important to them. Rebounding is a championship level requirement. Here are some of the players who control the glass.

Class of 2024

Justice Carlton | Texas recruit
6-2 | F | Seven Lakes H.S. (TX)

Joyce Edwards | Uncommitted
6-2 | F | Camden H.S. (SC)

Toby Fournier | Duke recruit
6-2 | F | Crestwood (CAN)

Avery Howell | USC recruit
5-11 | G | Boise H.S. (ID)

Vivian Iwuchukwu | Uncommitted
6-3 | F | Montverde Academy (FL)

Iwuchukwu is a physical force on the floor. The shear energy she plays with on the floor at times is tangible to teammates and opponents. She sprints the floor, ferociously rebounds outside of her area, and can defend just about anyone on the floor. As she really locks in and plays with this much focus more consistently, look for more of her potential to be realized. It looks like her possible landing spots could be Arizona or USC.

Kamryn Mafua | Cal recruit
6- 2 | F | Folsom H.S. (CA)

Zania Socka-Ngeumen | UCLA recruit
6-3 | F | Sidwell Friends (DC)

Breanna Williams | Maryland
6-2 | F | Skyview H.S. (MT)

Class of 2026

Jacy Abii | Uncommitted
6-1 | G | Liberty H.S. (TX)

McKenna Woliczko | Uncommitted
6-2 | F | Archbishop Mitty H.S. (CA)

Around the rim

Despite the perception of today’s game to be controlled by the perimeter, staffs across the country fiercely compete for the players who are adept at the game in and around the paint. These players are multi-faceted and have to do the dirty work and get physical on both ends. Their length and size are invaluable on the defensive end and they must be rim-runners and good screeners on the offensive end – their work is never done. Here are the some of the best anchors to teams in the country.

Class of 2024

Janessa Cotton | Duke recruit
6-2 | F | Mater Dei H.S. (CA)

Kate Koval | Notre Dame
6-4 | P | Long Island Lutheran H.S. (NY)

Me’Arah O’Neal | Uncommitted
6-3″ | F | Episcopal H.S. (TX)

Arianna Roberson | Duke recruit
6-4 | F | Clark H.S. (TX)

Zania Socka-Ngeumen | UCLA
6-3 | F | Sidwell Friends (DC)

Adhel Tac | South Carolina recruit
6-5 | P | South Grand Prairie H.S. (TX)

Tac missed the entire summer of 2023 with an injury. However, her hotly contested recruitment did not slow down. Dawn Staley and the South Carolina program landed one of the best post players in the country. She is tall, long and mobile with dependable post footwork and a nice touch. South Grand Prairie has a chance to compete for the 6A title in Texas this season with a healthy roster.

Kennedy Ume | Stanford recruit
6-3 | F | McDonogh School (MD)

Class of 2025

Sienna Betts | Uncommitted
6-4 | P | Grandview H.S. (CO)

Leah Macy | Uncommitted
6-2 | F | Bethlehem H.S. (KY)

Class of 2026

Olivia Vukosa | Uncommitted
6’4″ | P | Christ the King H.S. (NY)

Defensive impact

Players that take a particular pride on the defensive end stand out in how they play the game. They are in stance, they communicate, they are disciplined, and they carry themselves in a competitive manner. It can be ball pressure or a presence in the passing lanes. It can be navigating actions to stay attached to a shooter or it can be roaming the paint to protect the rim. These players leave an imprint on the game even when their team does not have the ball.

Kaniya Boyd | Tennessee recruit
5-9 | G | Centennial H.S. (NV)

Jaloni Cambridge | Uncommitted
5-6 | PG | Montverde Academy (FL)

Vivian Iwuchukwu | Uncommitted
6-3 | F | Montverde Academy (FL)

Jordan Lee | Texas recruit
6-0 | G | Saint Mary’s H.S. (CA)

Kennedy Smith | Uncommitted
6-1 | W | Etiwanda H.S. (CA)

Kyndal Walker | Maryland
5-9 | PG | Saint John’s College H.S. (MD)

Class of 2025

Aliyahna Morris | Uncommitted
5-5 | PG | Etiwanda H.S. (CA)

LA Sneed | Uncommitted
5-6 | PG | Wagner H.S. (TX)

Hailee Swain | Stanford
5-10 | PG | Holy Innocents’ (GA)

Class of 2026

Jordyn Jackson | Uncommitted
6-1 | G | Sidwell Friends (DC)


These are the players who bring everyone together. They can fill needs on their teams even if it changes game to game. They are comfortable all over the floor and know how to make the best of each and every opportunity. They can lead their team in scoring, they can facilitate, or they can take on the number one defensive assignment. Sometimes it can be subtle, but not to the coaches who recruit them – it is outstanding. Here are some of the most versatile players in the country.

Class of 2024

Morgan Cheli | UConn recruit
6-2 | W | Archbishop Mitty H.S. (CA)

Kendall Dudley | UCLA recruit
62 | W/F | Sidwell Friends (DC)

Avery Howell | USC recruit
5-11 | G | Boise H.S. (ID)

Mackenly Randolph | Uncommitted
6-0 | F | Sierra Canyon H.S. (CA)

Kennedy Smith | Uncommitted
6-1 | W | Etiwanda H.S. (CA)

Sarah Strong | Uncommitted
6-2 | F | Grace Christian Sanford (NC)

Syla Swords | Michigan recruit
6-0 | G/W | Long Island Lutheran (NY)

Berry Wallace | Illinois recruit
6-1 | W/F | Pickerington Central H.S. (OH)

Class of 2025

Darianna Alexander | Uncommitted
6-1 | G | Purcell Marian H.S. (OH)

Addison Deal | Uncommitted
6-0 | W | Mater Dei H.S. (CA)


Potential is a promising way for any player to be described. However, the key is realizing that potential as they develop. These players have not only the physical tools, but have proven they will put in the work to keep getting better. Here are some of the players with the most upside in the country.

Class of 2024

Izela Arenas | Uncommitted
5-9 | G | Sierra Canyon H.S. (CA)

Eris Lester | Uncommitted
5-11 | G | Montverde (FL)

Lester just continues to get better. She has not rested on the fact that she is one of the more elite perimeter players in the country — she keeps adding skill and IQ feel to the floor. She was a major standout on a loaded floor at Wootten Camp in October. She is quick, fast, and bouncy but has learned to change speeds. She can get by almost anyone at any time, but has learned when to pick her spots. She used to be most effective in transition, but now scores it well in the half-court as well — getting to the paint, the pull up jumper, or drawing fouls as she skies for finishes at the rim. She is also a threat from the 3-point line now. Defensively, she has asserted herself and uses her physical tools and length very well. Look for Montverde to make waves this year during the high school season with a loaded roster.

Kalysta Martin | Texas Tech recruit
6-1 | G | Providence Catholic School (TX)

Me’Arah O’Neal | Uncommitted
6-3 | P | Episcopal H.S. (TX)

Arianna Roberson | Duke recruit
6-4 | F | Clark H.S. (TX)

Adhel Tac | South Carolina recruit
6-5 | P | South Grand Prairie H.S. (TX)

Zania Socka-Ngeumen | UCLA recruit
6-3 | F | Sidwell Friends (DC)

Class of 2025

Zhen Craft | Uncommitted
6-2″ | F | Bishop McNamara H.S. (MD)

Craft is a very gifted athlete with the frame and length that compliments her talents. She has always been an active defender and rebounder who cleaned things up around the rim. Now, she’s doing a good job at doing the finer things that effective forwards do — her ability to guard and switch 1-4, learning the nuances of moving without the basketball and relocation on drives, expanding range and touch, and ball screens with hard quick rolls to the rim or to open space. She has turned herself into an elite role player and, despite that not always garnering the attention of the masses, that is extremely valuable.

Aaliyah Crump | Uncommitted
6-1 | G/W | Minnetonka H.S. (MN)

Madison Francis | Uncommitted
6-1 | F | Lancaster Central High (NY)

Holland Harris | Uncommitted
6-1 | W | Montverde Academy (FL)

Harris is a smooth player who runs the floor with ease and is comfortable out beyond the 3-point line spotting up for shots. Over the course of the summer, it was evident she was learning a lot about the nuances of the game, but she kept a steady motor and played hard. Harris has not been playing the game at this level for long, but has shown great strides over the last year — particularly in her finishing and ability to handle the ball. As she applies her talents to the defensive end and continues to advance her knowledge of the game, watch her game grow this year at Montverde.

Taliyah Henderson | Uncommitted
6-0 | W/F | Salpointe Catholic H.S. (AZ)

Agot Makeer | Uncommitted
6-1 | W | Crestwood (CAN)

Brynn McGaughy | Uncommitted
6-3 | W | Colfax H.S. (WA)

Deniya Prawl | Uncommitted
6-1 | G | IMG Academy (FL)

Class of 2026

Amari Byles | Uncommitted
6-2 | W/F | DeSoto H.S. (TX)

Brihanna Crittendon | Uncommitted
6-2 | W/F | Riverdale Ridge H.S. (CO)

Oliviyah Edwards | Uncommitted
6-3 | F | Elite Sports Academy (WA)

Edwards dunks the ball with ease and can stroke the 3, making her one of the most electric players in the class. She is tall, long, and strong- – and her upside is essentially limitless. She is asserting herself more and realizing what all she can do on the basketball court. She is a curious learner in her development and it will help her as she adds the finer details to her game. She will impact whatever program she chooses in the future — and beyond if she wants to.

Saniyah Hall | Uncommitted
6-0 | G | Laurel School (OH)

Trinity Jones | Uncommitted
6-0 | G | Naperville Central H.S. (IL)


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